What is homeopathy?

Homeo = similar
Pathos = suffering, illness

14Homeopathy is a way of treating the body, in which the body is repaired through achieving a balance through use of ‘equal with equal’ inside the body. Homeopathy is a substance, which is able to provoce certain bodily symptoms , and, as a medicine, it is also able to treat these symptoms.

Briefly: Silia Similibus Curentor
(Equal is healed with equal)

Coffee can cause insomnia (if ingested heavily, or with people with sensitivities to the substance)
As a homeopathic remedy (coffea), coffee can aid in the treatment of insomnia.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
15Homeopathy was discovered in 1790 when Hahnemann ingested a small amount of quinine bark (the raw form of quinine). Though he was a healthy person, he suffered all the symptoms of malaria, even though quinine is the medicine used to treat malaria worldwide.

Over the remainder of his life, he examined 80 medicines.
We now know that there are a couple of thousand of medicines with these properties, and the research still continues.

Homeopathy is based on a number of principles:
– Similarities
– Use of ‘potentization’
– Treatment of the whole person
– Experiments on healthy people

161718Homeopathic substances are prepared from the extracts of mineral, plant, and animal sources.

When the pure form of these homeopathic substances (oertinctuur) is administered, the resulting symptoms look like those of the illness that is to be treated. This is the similarity of symptoms.
The raw material is diluted and shaken (‘potentization’), and the potentials indicate the increasing degree of dilutions of the homeopathic substances in their pure forms.

d potentials, 1 on 10
D1= 1 parts of the pure extract to 9 parts of alcohol
D2= 1 parts D1 to 9 parts of alcohol, etc

C or k potentials, 1 to 100
1 part of pure extract to 99 parts of alcohol
1 part C1 to 99 parts of alcohol, etc
These potentials tend to work the quickest.

LM or Q potentials, 1 to 50,000
L= 50
M = 1000
These potentials function gradually.

With increased dilutions, there is less of the original substance present. When the correct remedy is administered, the substance behaves as a catalyst for its own defense system.

In Practice Progressive-Medicine, clinical homeopathy is applied by Britta Jansen, when advisable.
These (complex) substances are designed to reflect the unique nature of the organs and tissues, and the effects of the substance on the body are first calculated by Prognos.
In certain cases, therapy is necessary for the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc. Through the careful combination of orthomolecular medication and homeopathy, the detoxification response in the body can be initiated.