Objective of the Treatment

Objective: Be Healthy

Treatment with Prognos, in Britta Jansen’s Practice Progressive Medicine,┬áincluding the following objectives:

44Remedying complaints and becoming healthier
Causes of complaints:
microcellular organisms such as funguses, viruses, bacteria, parasites.
Detrimental substances such as chemicals, insecticides, dyes, conservatives, medicine residues, and heavy metals.
Other causes including unprocessed emotions, radiation, scar tissues, teeth and molar issues, shortages of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, issues with miasmas, the nuclei, charkas and cell matrix.

46Positively influencing chronic illnesses
With chronic illnesses such as diabetes and rheumatism it is possible to positively influence the illness and allow for an improvement in the illness, as well as facilitating increased control over the illness. Through this, patients can have fewer complaints and feel healthier.

140Occurrence of complaints
Long before complaints appear, the energy of the meridians has already been disturbed and is measurable.
These energetic disruptions are determined through the use of Prognos.
The practitioner can then recommend preventive measures, and illnesses can be avoided.

Prognos is not only used by Britta Jansen for diagnosis and therapy, but also for optimizing sport performances, reducing sick leave in the corporate world, and supporting anti-aging and life extension efforts.