Treated Complaints

Some examples of treated complaints










138Examples of treated complaints include:
Chronic fatigue, ME, tiredness, burn-out
Muscle and joint complaints, rheumatism, arthritis

Migraine, headaches
Concentration impairments, forgetfulness
Insomnia and problems staying asleep

Bowel impairments, constipation, diarrhea, abdomen pain,
Digestive complaints, bloating,
Spastic bowel issues,
Flatulence complaints, including pain and heartburn

Allergies, intolerances
Skin complaints, eczema, and itchiness
Reactions to vaccinations

Stress, nervousness, depression, fears.
Pressure on the chest, palpitations
Hormonal problems, PMS, menopause

Continuous infections, lack of recovery from infections
Bladder infections, reoccurring infections from funguses
Herpes, canker sores, cold sores, shingles

Complaints with no perceptible cause.

Clotting issues, cholesterol, blood pressure issues, arteritis
Hemorroids, Varices
Auto-immune illnesses
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease

Complaints often have several possible causes
• With ME, chronic fatigue-syndrome, or post viral-syndrome there can be latent virus activity, particularly affecting the liver, the kidney, and the spleen meridians, in combination with unresolved emotions of stress arising from busy periods of over activity.

• With ADHD, there can be specific issues regarding food sensitivities, specific shortages of fats and amino acids, and issues arising from electrosmog or geopathy toxins, which can have a negative influence on the brain.

• With ALLERGIES, a blockage in the immune system has occurred, through one or more of the 15 IDT causes in the body. Prognos can measure them.

• Issues with ECZEMA are often accompanied by disturbances in the kidney meridian. There are issues with the toxic load, caused by vaccinations, medications, dentistry procedures, anesthetics, and paints, all in combination with unresolved emotions.

• With FIBROMYALGIA, there are blockages in the metabolism of the muscle in combination with latent virus activity, unresolved emotions, pituitary glands disturbances, and disturbance of the liver meridian which all can originate for different reasons.

• MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is mostly linked with a heavy metal load in the body, as well as serious geopathy and electrosmog toxicity.

• SPASTIC BOWELS complaints are frequently a result of unresolved emotions, in combination with pathogenic funguses, viruses, bacterium, and/or parasite activity.

• RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS is activated by issues with the teeth, such as issues with the root canals and disturbances in the large intestine and liver meridians, as well as pathogenic bacterial activity in the intestines.

• When a HEREDITARY ILLNESS is present, the hereditary weakness can be activated by each of the 15 categories of IDT causes. Through eliminating the cause, the hereditary sickness can improve, depending on the stage in which the sickness is in.

• CHRONIC ILLNESSES, such as serious diabetes and rheumatism cannot be cured by Prognos. However, improvement of the complaints and stabilization of the illness is frequently attainable.

• PREVENTION is useful for everyone who wants to be healthier. Long before complaints appear, the energy of the meridians has already been disturbed and is therefore measurable. By measuring and discovering energetic disruptions in the body, preventive measures can be recommended.

• SPORT. Prognos is not only used in the practice for diagnosis and therapy, but is also useful to optimize athletic performances, reduce sick leave in businesses, and support anti-aging and life extension efforts.

For serious and acute issues, you must always consult your doctor.