Valery Polyakov

Valery Polyakov, Professor and Doctor of Medicine

39Polyakov travelled non-stop around Earth with the MIR space station for 438 days in 1993 and 1994.

During his time in space, the Prognos system was used to monitor the health of the cosmonauts.

The system underwent extreme sustainability and quality tests.
The cosmonauts, including Polyakov, conducted the monitoring using Prognos.

40Through the results of the measurements, the incorporated interpretations and therapy programs provided a way to correct the disruptions in the meridians through the stimulation of certain acupuncture points.

In contrast to earlier flights (the record of the Americans was then 20 days non-stop), Polyakov returned to the ground without any health problems.

41For some years the system has been available as a diagnosis and therapy system, and has been utilized in many professional practices worldwide.

The Portland State University in Canada, has shown that the Prognos diagnosis and therapy can reliably determine the situation of the meridians. Prognos is utilized in several hospitals there.