Prognos in the practice

Prognos in Practice Progressive Medicine

9999First, a baseline measurement is taken.

These series of measurements are taken at the beginning and end points of the 12 main meridians, allowing for insight into the patients current situation, called the “compensated state.”

This state is the situation in which the patient finds oneself when he or she comes into the practice, where the body is trying as hard as possible to compensate for present energy disruptions.
Disturbed meridians can be masked by the body.

127Then a second measuring is completed, after certain provocation to the body is initiated.

Provocation is the stimulation of acupuncture point Tm20 (the crown chakra) with a piezo-electric pen or a bio-comb (used for infants and small children.)

With this stimulation a significant amount of energy is temporarily added to the body, this allows part of the compensation to decrease.

Now we are able to see, when we compare the baseline measurement with the new measurements, where the energy flow is blocked, which meridians have a problem, and where the largest and most serious blockages reside.

158Every meridian in our body is linked to an organ, an emotion, a vertebra, a part of the kinetics system, a tooth or molar, a chakra, and a part of the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Stagnation in the energy flow of a meridian has consequences for all parts of the related areas.

125133Thus, the liver meridian corresponds with the liver, the canine teeth, anger and frustration, protein metabolism, the crown chakra, the energy flow in the liver meridian, and parts of the knees and eyes.

Every meridian will be shown on Prognos as having a swell (excess) or a dip (deficiency.) An excess or a deficiency has specific consequences for the meridians concerned. We can also see this connection through corresponding emotions which appear in day-to-day life.

For example, the gall bladder meridian can cause feelings of bitterness. An energy excess gives feelings of guilt, while an energy deficiency stimulates anger. The positive characteristic of the gall bladder meridian is the ability to be deeply and seriously thoughtful.

IDT: Diagnosis and Therapy frequency Spectra
Using diagnosis and therapy frequencies, the present situation of the body is determined and a
treatment can be compiled.