Measurements with Prognos

Information about the technique.

8081A connection between the patient and the Prognos system must be made to be able to carry out the measurements of the patient. In order to make this connection, a band is placed around the patient’s wrist. The flow of energy is then monitored at the beginning and end points of the meridians

Measurements can be reproduced. 4 microchips regulate the process.
Within 18 milliseconds, 400 measurements per point are conducted. The computer then interprets and processes this data, which then appear on a graph on the monitor.

Measurements are conducted with an extremely small flow of energy in a very short period of time.
The flow of energy through the skin is 455 billionth Watt seconds.
The static is filtered, and the computer calculates the energetic value of the meridians.
With the measurement reach of 20 kOhm to 60,000 kOhm, it is also possible to get a measurement of very sick patients.

The time required to take the measurement depends on how high your natural resistance is.
At a resistance of 1000 kOHM, the time required for the measurement is 12m/second. At the resistance at 20,000 kOhm, the time required for the measurement is 150m/second.

The electric load on the skin is nothing, and because of this, the cells are not influenced during measuring. The system has an error of 0.25% (absolute reproducibility attributed to Prof. F. Popp.)

The acupuncture point is not electronically or mechanically charged.
The acupuncture tool has been reinforced, and as a result, the pressure of the measurements of 20 grams is always constant and the measurement energy flow of 0.4 microcomputers amps is very small, which results in a guarantee of reliability and reproducibility.

No electrosmog surrounds the apparatus, due to the use of a 1.2 volt battery. The connection between the apparatus to the computer takes place through infra-red technology, so there is also no electric influence from the computer system itself.

All measurements are received and processed by the computer and, with the use of mathematical algorithms, graphs are produced. The Prognos software contains 12 million sequences of measurements, through which the norms for patients has been defined according to age and gender.

On the display device, one can see which meridians are close to normal and which have too much or too little energy.

Oriental wisdom and Western science
82146For five years, the Portland State University in Oregon has conducted systematic studies of the mechanisms of acupuncture and also researched similarities between Western diagnosis techniques and Oriental energetic readings.

In the Technical University of Dresden, research has been undertaken regarding the Autonomic Nervous system, Heart Rate Variability and their link with meridians.

Measuring devices; BP versus GSR
141142157Before Polarization (BP) and Galvanic Skin Responses (GSR) plays a role in ensuring the reliability of skin resistance measurements.

Through means of skin resistance measurements and through the use of the measurement apparatus, we collect information on the current energetic situation of the meridians.

To gain reliable skin resistance measurements it is important that:
• The pressure of  the point is low (0.49 Newton), short and constant.
• The amperage is very low (at a skin resistance of 22,000 kOHM, measurements have an
amperage of 0.227uA)
• The length of measurement is no longer than 400ms (this depends on the skin resistance
between 0.4 and 400 milliseconds)
• No influence is exerted on the point with water, no cream is used to increase the conduction
of energy, and there are no strong electromagnetic fields present

If the measurement is longer than 400 milliseconds, we measure the reaction of the points to the administered energy and not the actual existing energy at the point. This is the GSR.

The current situation of the point is the skin resistance of the point, administered at a precise moment without any influence from the apparatus.
When the duration of the measurement is 50 milliseconds (preferably) we measure BP, the situation of the point, without any influence at the point from the apparatus.

Through measuring BP exclusively, we can reliably read the energetic state of the meridians and this allows us to be in direct contact with the meridian deep in the skin.

Further research is being conducted at Portland State University, as well as several other universities (

Variation of skin resistance
Measurements were conducted every 20 minutes over a 24 hour period at the endpoints of the 12 main meridians through the means of BP. It was discovered from this research that the skin resistance increases enormously during sleep.

High skin resistance corresponds to a low Chi value, and a low skin resistance corresponds to a high Chi value in the meridians. Also measured and analyzed during this research were the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the level of cortisol in the body.

The research provided the following findings:
• Skin resistance strongly increases during sleep.
• In accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi withdraws into the body during sleep.
• There is a strong link between the activity of the automatic nervous system (ANS) and the
skin resistance on the endpoints.
• The 24 hours of measurements on the endpoints produce no indication of an ‘organ clock.’
• The skin resistance measurements at the endpoint, measured correctly, proved to be a
standard for the Chi of the 12 main meridians (the left 12 and the right 12 equal a total of 24)

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
86The autonomic nervous system regulates the involuntary functions of our body. It is controlled by the thalamus and has connections with the limbic system, emotions, and the brain cortex.

The ANS is the central governing mechanism in our body which regulates basic functions such as breathing, metabolism, cardiovascular functions, digestion, hormones, the immune system, mitochondrion activities, and homeostasis.

These functions are independent of an individual’s desire or conscience.

There is a link between skin resistance measurements, acupuncture and the ANS.
There is a link between the anatomical position of the plexus of the ANS and the position of the chakras. The origination of the chakra is always the plexus of the ANS.

Prognos in Practice Progressive Medicine

9999First, a baseline measurement is taken.

These series of measurements are taken at the beginning and end points of the 12 main meridians, allowing for insight into the patients current situation, called the “compensated state.”

This state is the situation in which the patient finds oneself when he or she comes into the practice, where the body is trying as hard as possible to compensate for present energy disruptions.
Disturbed meridians can be masked by the body.

127Then a second measuring is completed, after certain provocation to the body is initiated.

Provocation is the stimulation of acupuncture point Tm20 (the crown chakra) with a piezo-electric pen or a bio-comb (used for infants and small children.)

With this stimulation a significant amount of energy is temporarily added to the body, this allows part of the compensation to decrease.

Now we are able to see, when we compare the baseline measurement with the new measurements, where the energy flow is blocked, which meridians have a problem, and where the largest and most serious blockages reside.

158Every meridian in our body is linked to an organ, an emotion, a vertebra, a part of the kinetics system, a tooth or molar, a chakra, and a part of the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Stagnation in the energy flow of a meridian has consequences for all parts of the related areas.

125133Thus, the liver meridian corresponds with the liver, the canine teeth, anger and frustration, protein metabolism, the crown chakra, the energy flow in the liver meridian, and parts of the knees and eyes.

Every meridian will be shown on Prognos as having a swell (excess) or a dip (deficiency.) An excess or a deficiency has specific consequences for the meridians concerned. We can also see this connection through corresponding emotions which appear in day-to-day life.

For example, the gall bladder meridian can cause feelings of bitterness. An energy excess gives feelings of guilt, while an energy deficiency stimulates anger. The positive characteristic of the gall bladder meridian is the ability to be deeply and seriously thoughtful.

IDT: Diagnosis and Therapy frequency Spectra
Using diagnosis and therapy frequencies, the present situation of the body is determined and a
treatment can be compiled.


What is Prognos

74Prognos is a computer-controlled measuring system for the Diagnosis and Therapy of chronic illness, developed for use in space.

75This system determines which meridians of the body are unbalanced, how the problem originated and what can be done to rectify the imbalance in the body.

122The basis of Chinese acupuncture is the energy flow in the meridians. There are 72 meridians in the body, and 12 of these form the fundamental meridians, called the main meridians, which exist on the left and the right of the body.

When there are no disruptions,  the energy flows these 24 meridians unhindered, and the person is healthy. If there is stagnation in the energy flow, then symptoms of illness will eventually arise.

Prognos measures the energy flow of the meridians using modern computer technology. Through this information we can objectively and accurately learn about the current condition of energy in the body, and where energy blockages exist.

The condition of the 12 main meridians is visible on the computer monitor after measurements are taken.

Every person constantly exists in a situation hovering between sick and healthy. The energy of a meridian is already disrupted before symptoms and diseases become apparent.
Therefore, the Prognos system can be used not only treat health problems, but also to prevent them.

For example, a blockage in the small or large intestinal meridian can lead to skin complaints, allergies, mucous membrane and sinus problems, lung complaints, tonsil problems, adrenal gland issues, and liver and pancreas problems.

Stagnation in the energy flow of a meridian has consequences for all parts related to that meridian. Which other parts and how much those other parts are affected by the stagnation of energy will differ individually.

77Using Integrated Diagnosis and Therapy (IDT), causes of complaints can be found and effective therapy prescribed.

This holistic method is based on 5000 year old knowledge regarding energy and their flows in the meridians, as well as Western computer technology, knowledge of traditional medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, ayurveda, and many other fields of medicine.

Prognos is a safe and pain-free method of remedying and preventing symptoms. It is so gentle that Prognos can also be used on an infant.

We are attempting to integrate alternative and traditional medicines through this technology, to detect and treat the cause of complaints, and to use effective methods of therapy for our patients.

At this moment there are 55 countries which use Prognos.In theory, all complaints of the body can be identified and treated using this technology.

Treated complaints include zijn:
Chronic fatigue, muscle and joint complaints, allergies, migraines, headaches, constipation, skin complaints, hormone blockages, emotional symptoms including fears and depression, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and rheumatic complaints.

For all symptoms and complaints, it is encouraged to first see a general practitioner and possibly a specialist.

79Prof. Dr.Med.V.Polyakov  in 1993 and 1994, traveled 438 days with the MIR space station around Earth. During his flight, the Prognos system was used to monitor the health of the cosmonauts in space.

Valery Polyakov, Professor and Doctor of Medicine

39Polyakov travelled non-stop around Earth with the MIR space station for 438 days in 1993 and 1994.

During his time in space, the Prognos system was used to monitor the health of the cosmonauts.

The system underwent extreme sustainability and quality tests.
The cosmonauts, including Polyakov, conducted the monitoring using Prognos.

40Through the results of the measurements, the incorporated interpretations and therapy programs provided a way to correct the disruptions in the meridians through the stimulation of certain acupuncture points.

In contrast to earlier flights (the record of the Americans was then 20 days non-stop), Polyakov returned to the ground without any health problems.

41For some years the system has been available as a diagnosis and therapy system, and has been utilized in many professional practices worldwide.

The Portland State University in Canada, has shown that the Prognos diagnosis and therapy can reliably determine the situation of the meridians. Prognos is utilized in several hospitals there.

Objective: Be Healthy

Treatment with Prognos, in Britta Jansen’s Practice Progressive Medicine, including the following objectives:

44Remedying complaints and becoming healthier
Causes of complaints:
microcellular organisms such as funguses, viruses, bacteria, parasites.
Detrimental substances such as chemicals, insecticides, dyes, conservatives, medicine residues, and heavy metals.
Other causes including unprocessed emotions, radiation, scar tissues, teeth and molar issues, shortages of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, issues with miasmas, the nuclei, charkas and cell matrix.

46Positively influencing chronic illnesses
With chronic illnesses such as diabetes and rheumatism it is possible to positively influence the illness and allow for an improvement in the illness, as well as facilitating increased control over the illness. Through this, patients can have fewer complaints and feel healthier.

140Occurrence of complaints
Long before complaints appear, the energy of the meridians has already been disturbed and is measurable.
These energetic disruptions are determined through the use of Prognos.
The practitioner can then recommend preventive measures, and illnesses can be avoided.

Prognos is not only used by Britta Jansen for diagnosis and therapy, but also for optimizing sport performances, reducing sick leave in the corporate world, and supporting anti-aging and life extension efforts.

Some examples of treated complaints










138Examples of treated complaints include:
Chronic fatigue, ME, tiredness, burn-out
Muscle and joint complaints, rheumatism, arthritis

Migraine, headaches
Concentration impairments, forgetfulness
Insomnia and problems staying asleep

Bowel impairments, constipation, diarrhea, abdomen pain,
Digestive complaints, bloating,
Spastic bowel issues,
Flatulence complaints, including pain and heartburn

Allergies, intolerances
Skin complaints, eczema, and itchiness
Reactions to vaccinations

Stress, nervousness, depression, fears.
Pressure on the chest, palpitations
Hormonal problems, PMS, menopause

Continuous infections, lack of recovery from infections
Bladder infections, reoccurring infections from funguses
Herpes, canker sores, cold sores, shingles

Complaints with no perceptible cause.

Clotting issues, cholesterol, blood pressure issues, arteritis
Hemorroids, Varices
Auto-immune illnesses
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease

Complaints often have several possible causes
• With ME, chronic fatigue-syndrome, or post viral-syndrome there can be latent virus activity, particularly affecting the liver, the kidney, and the spleen meridians, in combination with unresolved emotions of stress arising from busy periods of over activity.

• With ADHD, there can be specific issues regarding food sensitivities, specific shortages of fats and amino acids, and issues arising from electrosmog or geopathy toxins, which can have a negative influence on the brain.

• With ALLERGIES, a blockage in the immune system has occurred, through one or more of the 15 IDT causes in the body. Prognos can measure them.

• Issues with ECZEMA are often accompanied by disturbances in the kidney meridian. There are issues with the toxic load, caused by vaccinations, medications, dentistry procedures, anesthetics, and paints, all in combination with unresolved emotions.

• With FIBROMYALGIA, there are blockages in the metabolism of the muscle in combination with latent virus activity, unresolved emotions, pituitary glands disturbances, and disturbance of the liver meridian which all can originate for different reasons.

• MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is mostly linked with a heavy metal load in the body, as well as serious geopathy and electrosmog toxicity.

• SPASTIC BOWELS complaints are frequently a result of unresolved emotions, in combination with pathogenic funguses, viruses, bacterium, and/or parasite activity.

• RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS is activated by issues with the teeth, such as issues with the root canals and disturbances in the large intestine and liver meridians, as well as pathogenic bacterial activity in the intestines.

• When a HEREDITARY ILLNESS is present, the hereditary weakness can be activated by each of the 15 categories of IDT causes. Through eliminating the cause, the hereditary sickness can improve, depending on the stage in which the sickness is in.

• CHRONIC ILLNESSES, such as serious diabetes and rheumatism cannot be cured by Prognos. However, improvement of the complaints and stabilization of the illness is frequently attainable.

• PREVENTION is useful for everyone who wants to be healthier. Long before complaints appear, the energy of the meridians has already been disturbed and is therefore measurable. By measuring and discovering energetic disruptions in the body, preventive measures can be recommended.

• SPORT. Prognos is not only used in the practice for diagnosis and therapy, but is also useful to optimize athletic performances, reduce sick leave in businesses, and support anti-aging and life extension efforts.

For serious and acute issues, you must always consult your doctor.


What is homeopathy?

Homeo = similar
Pathos = suffering, illness

14Homeopathy is a way of treating the body, in which the body is repaired through achieving a balance through use of ‘equal with equal’ inside the body. Homeopathy is a substance, which is able to provoce certain bodily symptoms , and, as a medicine, it is also able to treat these symptoms.

Briefly: Silia Similibus Curentor
(Equal is healed with equal)

Coffee can cause insomnia (if ingested heavily, or with people with sensitivities to the substance)
As a homeopathic remedy (coffea), coffee can aid in the treatment of insomnia.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
15Homeopathy was discovered in 1790 when Hahnemann ingested a small amount of quinine bark (the raw form of quinine). Though he was a healthy person, he suffered all the symptoms of malaria, even though quinine is the medicine used to treat malaria worldwide.

Over the remainder of his life, he examined 80 medicines.
We now know that there are a couple of thousand of medicines with these properties, and the research still continues.

Homeopathy is based on a number of principles:
– Similarities
– Use of ‘potentization’
– Treatment of the whole person
– Experiments on healthy people

161718Homeopathic substances are prepared from the extracts of mineral, plant, and animal sources.

When the pure form of these homeopathic substances (oertinctuur) is administered, the resulting symptoms look like those of the illness that is to be treated. This is the similarity of symptoms.
The raw material is diluted and shaken (‘potentization’), and the potentials indicate the increasing degree of dilutions of the homeopathic substances in their pure forms.

d potentials, 1 on 10
D1= 1 parts of the pure extract to 9 parts of alcohol
D2= 1 parts D1 to 9 parts of alcohol, etc

C or k potentials, 1 to 100
1 part of pure extract to 99 parts of alcohol
1 part C1 to 99 parts of alcohol, etc
These potentials tend to work the quickest.

LM or Q potentials, 1 to 50,000
L= 50
M = 1000
These potentials function gradually.

With increased dilutions, there is less of the original substance present. When the correct remedy is administered, the substance behaves as a catalyst for its own defense system.

In Practice Progressive-Medicine, clinical homeopathy is applied by Britta Jansen, when advisable.
These (complex) substances are designed to reflect the unique nature of the organs and tissues, and the effects of the substance on the body are first calculated by Prognos.
In certain cases, therapy is necessary for the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, etc. Through the careful combination of orthomolecular medication and homeopathy, the detoxification response in the body can be initiated.


Professional Associations  (Register of Energetic Treatment) (Nederlands Instituut Belangenbehartiging Integrale Gezondheidszorg)
Wkkgz: (Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg)
Quasir: (Expertisecentrum klachten, calamiteiten en geschillen zorg en welzijn)
Zorggeschil: (Geschilleninstantie voor Zorg en Welzijn) (Prognos)

Laboratory (Mg Laboratory)  (Laboratory RP-Vitamino Analitics)  (Laboratory prohealth) (Information of  HPU )

Usefull information (Nederland’s Association for Vaccinations) (Kiss Syndrome / cry babies ) (information SCDiet) (information radiation in your home) (Electro-magnetic Radiation/CMO Technology) (Information on Radiation) (Information on Radiation-Free Thelephones) (information weightloss)

Therapists  (Luc Shumacher: Physiotherapy/Haptonomie) (Zoë Reynaert, Remco Lindeman) ( Leonie Seebregts: Orthomanueel arts) (Jan Willen Houtsma, ooracupunctuur) ( Ernst-Jan van Gellicum, bio-identieke, oftewel lichaamseigen hormoontherapie)
(Aart vd. Bunt: Orthomanual Medicine)   (Elseline de Wolf: Voice and Song Therapist /Coach)

Dietary Supplements  (Supplier of Dietary Supplements) (Supplier Spelt and Almondflour products)


Electro-acupuncture is a modern form of research, where the responses of the body are attached to a number.

Diagnosis by Electro-acupuncture was developed in 1953 by:

Dr. Reinhold Voll.
As a general practitioner and acupuncturist, he developed a method to make Traditional Chinese Medicine more easily accessible, through an amalgamation of traditional Chinese acupuncture and Western technology.

Traditional acupuncture is based on the assumption that health is a balance of energy in the organs, where each body unit produces energy.

Voll developed a method to measure the energy (the electrical activity of the organs) on acupuncture points through the use of a machine. He then fixed a number corresponding to energy production in the body.

Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV)
EAV is a diagnostic method that can also be used as a way to measure the effectiveness of medication on the patient, as acupuncture points react directly (through changes in energy) to each form of treatment (stimulus).

In the Practice-Progressive-Medicine, Britta Jansen used Voll-Electro-acupunture since 1991.
At the moment, Britta Jansen uses Prognos for the Electro-acupuncture measurements

Some examples of treated complaints…/idex.html…/agents/endocrine/index/index.cfm….…/36
Information on the Prognos technique
Information on the diagnosis by the 15 frequency spectra…/hivgig.htm…/straling-en-EM-velden/…/littekenweefsel/…/DNA/DNA_with_phosfate.pht
Viruses as a cause of disruptions…/polio/polio.html
Orthomolecular Medicine

Descriptions of Directions
Aim: Be Healthy
Overweight-weightloss therapie
Glycobiologie – Essentiele suikers 
“Sugars that heal” Dr. Emil Mondoa

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